Thursday, July 26, 2012

Weeks of blessings!

Since returning to the States, I have had a problem getting into any kind of 'normal' routine.  I was in Colorado for the first two weeks getting over jet-lag and just going through some reverse culture shock.  This place is really different from Kenya! :).

Last week I was in Indianapolis for a CMF furlough retreat and then I flew back out to Colorado to be in Colorado Springs.  I am the missionary for Academy Christian Church's VBS (vacation Bible school).  The travel means that I am a bit behind in getting a blog post done.  I am again doing two weeks of counting my blessings in one.  I hope you enjoy my counting of a few of the daily gifts that God gives to me.  Why don't you join me in counting the gifts.  I'd love to see your list if you do!

638.  Meeting new people (real characters!) at Mom's work.
639. Going to a bookstore.  I restrained myself and only got 3 books!

640. Seeing chipmunks scampering into the rocks.
641. Enjoying time with my Mom as I helped her haul her uniforms around to be sold.
642. Meeting the Plymales for dinner.  It was so good to catch up with them!
643. Velvet antlers on the deer we saw this morning as we left our driveway.
644. Mountains and trees and the beauty around me!

645. Pizza!  My first since being 'home.'

646. iPhone - I took the plunge. :)
647. Sitting outside on the deck enjoying the morning.
648. Packing done for my 3 1/2 week trip.
649. Tasty grilled salmon - yum!
650. Arriving in Indianapolis and seeing my brother!
651. Hugging my niece, Indera!
652. A breaded tenderloin sandwich - "back home again in Indiana!"
653. A great time praising the Lord with friends at MPCC.
654. Watching lunch sliced, diced and cooked at the table in a Japanese restaurant.
655.  A wonderful time catching up with a good friend!

gifts hanging down
656. A squirrel spotted in a tree looking down on me.

657. Leaves hanging down on the trees because there has been very little rain.
658. A vine seen hanging down while I was on my walk.

gifts learned
659. We learned about spiritual warfare today from Roy and each other.
660. Getting to see and learn from several CMF families at the retreat.
661. A chance to share about Kenya.
662. A trip to the spa!
Thanks, Betty, for making it happen!
663. A moisturized face and pretty toes. :)

664. Singing praises together with fellow missionaries.
665. A fun picnic with folks from the CMF office.
666. A nice discount for gas at Costco.
667. Getting some rain and an amazing display of lightening.
668. Saying goodbye to a fun group of friends.

669. Getting to see some old Milligan friends and meet some new ones.
670. Ladonna's strawberry shortcake.  Yum!

gifts of story
671. Reading a mystery on the plane from Indianapolis to Denver.
672. Working on my VBS stories for next week.
673. My stone reminder in my car.  God has faithfully brought me this far and He will go with me wherever I may roam!

674. A wonderful church family at ACC in Colorado Springs!
675. Donuts before Sunday school class - cinnamon roll covered with maple glaze.  Lip smacking good!
676. Seeing so many friends!
677. A wonderful first day of VBS.
678. Visiting beautiful Glen Eryie.

679. Seeing God's creativity at the Garden of the gods.

kissing camels - but one camel is missing its hump

Well that is my list for the last couple of weeks.  I will try to give a schedule of my next couple of months in my next post.  If I am in your area, I'd love to see you.  Drop me an e-mail and I will try to work it out to see you.  Have a great week!

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