Friday, August 3, 2012

A Schedule for Aug & Sept

Hello all!

I am currently "Up North" in Wisconsin spending a little time with my family.  I promised a schedule for the next couple of months.  So, here it is.

Aug 5-10 Indianapolis area visiting friends and supporters
Aug 11-12 FCC of Sullivan, Illinois
Aug 13 On the road again headed towards Denver and my parents' home
Aug 14 - 21 In the denver area for medical check-ups and visiting with GMCC
Aug 22-30 Oregon to visit Trent CC in Dexter and some other friends in the area
Aug 31-Sept 2 or 3 in Colorado then on the road again to Indiana
Sept 9 FRCC in Flat Rock, IN
Sept 16 BSCC in Blue Springs, MO
Sept 22 - 25 Missions fair at ACC in Colorado Springs, CO

Sometime the week of Sept 25 I will head to Johnson City, TN.  I hope to base there and visit my other churches from there.  I will be in Canton, OH Oct 21st at PCC.

My schedule for Oct and beyond is still in process.  I will post it when I get it firmed up a little more.  I will be in the States until May, so I hope to be able to see as many people as possible. If I am in your area and you would like to get together, please contact me and we will see what we can set up.

I hope this helps.

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