Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Oregon Treasures and Shining the Light

A treasure is something highly valued.  I have spent most of this last week in Oregon and have treasured every moment of my time here.  It has been such a blessing to renew old friendships and meet new friends and even family.   The Lord has given me so many things to be thankful for this week and it has been hard to choose.  I have listed a few of the treasures he has given me, but there are so many more.  Having a thankful heart and looking for the gifts of the Lord can be habit forming.  I hope you are cultivating this habit and benefitting from the joy that comes in seeing how good the Lord is to you each day!

I went with my friend, Gail to the coast of Oregon one day this week.  We went to see a lighthouse.  When we got there we found out that the lighthouse was being repaired.  We were able to tour the home of the lighthouse keepers from days gone by.  We were also able to see the work house they used when they were on duty.  It was a little sad to see the lighthouse completely tarp covered.  Lighthouses are meant to shine a light and keep ships safe.  These days ships have GPS units and don't need the lighthouses as much, but it is still comforting to know that the lighthouse is there to warn them away.  This one can't do its job until the repairs are complete and the tarps removed.

Our lives can be like that tarp covered lighthouse.  Are you doing your job and shining a light in the darkness of this world?  Are you helping others steer clear of danger?  Are you encouraging joy rather than discord?  Be a light.  Shine the light of our Savior and help others find the way out of darkness.  Share your joy in the gifts that the Lord blesses you with each day and see how your friends and neighbors respond.

768. Finished some reports.
769. A local library to study and find quiet.
770. A scenic drive.
gifts straight, curved, turn
771. Straight road from Portland.
772. This chair seen around a curve in the 'Secret Garden' near my hosts' house.

773. I finally found the right turn to get there.
774. A visit to a beautiful part of the Oregon coast.

775. The coast road with great views all along it.

776. Seafood at Mo's.
778. Garage sale looking and a pretty stump.

779. Birks with no sales tax!
780. Fun socks :)

781. some of my presentation down on paper - unexpected speaking makes me nervous!
782. A fun community BBQ.
783. Pizzookie at B.J.'s restaurant.  I gotta figure out how to make these!

784. ACK! guest speaker for the sermon time - unexpected, but the Lord blessed and helped!

785. Lunch with folks from church and the Chapmans.
786. Dinner and a great visit with Jaynes and Chapmans!

787. Meeting some 'new to me' family and having a wonderful time.

788. This beautiful mountain displaying His majesty!

789. A stunning waterfall just off the road back to Eugene.

So there are a few of my Oregon treasures.  The Lord gives good gifts and I have enjoyed savoring these this week.  May His gifts to me shine a light on your own life and help you see His gifts to you.  I hope you have had a blessed week!

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