Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Abundantly Blessed

Another couple of weeks have passed.  I am keeping busy, but not any busier than I am at home in Turkana.  It is just harder to do ‘daily’ things when you are on others’ schedules.  I find I have to really work to keep my daily routines since I am not in the same place longer than a few days at a time.  I have continued to count my many blessings and gifts from the Lord.  I may not get them written down every night, but I have tried to remember them until I can.  This really helps me to stay focused on what the Lord has been doing each day.  I need to work at getting back to writing them down before I sleep!  It is much easier to remember for that day if I do it that night.  How about you?  Are you counting your blessings?  Do you write them down?  It really does help lift your spirits to remember the many things you have to be thankful for each day.

Here is my list from the past couple weeks.  I continually find that I forget to take pictures even though I usually have my phone/camera with me.  I’m thankful that my thanks can still be given even if I don’t have a picture!

724. Lunch with Kathy at another furlough first – White Castle.  Thanks for her faithful service to the Lord over the years!
725. Mexican dinner with great long-time friends.
726. Gracious friends hosting us.
727. Time to sort and organize our packed stuff better.
728. A fun dinner with a couple of friends from high school days.  Watching Olympic  gold medal Volleyball with them was icing on the cake!

729. A taste experience – breaded tenderloin and sweet potato fries.  An interesting combo, but yummy in my tummy!
730. Rain for this drought stricken area.
731. A day trip with Dad and Mom to see Aunt Teeny.

732. Pizza with Matt and Bailey Roberts.
733. Happy Birthday to my OLDer brother, Mark!

734. Time with my Great Aunt Marjorie.

735. Hard goodbyes to family.
736. Seeing cousins and catching up!

737. A scenic drive through the country.
738. Driving with a trailer for the first time – very thankful I didn’t have to back up with it!
739. Catching up with Mike and Ruth!  (more cousins!)
 740. The wonders of technology!  My slides worked at church and I could see them progress as I spoke.
741. A great time of singing some wonderful old hymns.
742. Fun visiting and answering questions at FCC, Sullivan, IL.
743. A long day driving home – made it about 10:30 PM.  Dad helped and that made it better!
744. A good book to read when I wasn’t driving.
745. Sleeping in my own bed!
746. Sleeping in the next day.
747. The beauty that is Colorado all around me.
748. Picking up my car from church.
749. No problems with my endoscopy!  Throat stretched and praying it stays that way.
750. Mark’s 3 places broken collar bone wired and screwed to a bar inserted on his collar bone so he can heal properly yesterday and still doing well from the surgery.
751. Long afternoon nap after being “lightly” sedated for the endoscopy and still ready to sleep at bedtime.
752. Dinner with some fun people – Dad, Mom, Rob and Kathy Lee Taylor.
753. Michael Card’s part of the concert was full of fabulous old and new songs.

754. A MAZE ING Phil Keaggy!  Phil’s fingers furiously flew over frets and strings! :)

755. My unintentionally screw studded tire was fixed for free!
756.  Our home phone not fixed, but the phone man was friendly and tried hard.
757. Sun’s rays streaming in the window to warm my toes.
758. A visit to Idaho Springs, CO.
759. A babbling brook.

760. Beaujos’ Pizza - Colorado style pizza.

761. Catching up with the Millers (Warren, Anne and Steve) over Pizza.

Gifts in church
762. A great group of youth led our worship service this morning.
763. Great songs chosen and we all made a joyful noise to the Lord!
764. A fun lunch with the Gramms and Theides.
765. Happy 70th birthday to my Dad!

766. A small part of my room sorted.  I found my library card that I left here for safe keeping.

767. Watching Mom at work and helping her bring uniform things into the post office so she can sell them.

As you can read, the Lord has blessed me abundantly these past few weeks.  How about you?  I’d love to hear from you.   

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