Friday, September 14, 2012

Traveling Thankfulness

My last few weeks have been full of travel and Thankfulness.  Driving across the country has given me many opportunities to see God's handiwork.  I have been awed by falcons flying and on predator birds perched on posts near busy highways.  I have seen the works of human creativity and been thankful for that glimpse of God's creativity that he has shared with us.  I have enjoyed seeing old friends and making new ones, sharing in the simple joys that bind us together.  I have talked about what God is doing in Turkana and how He has blessed me and allowed me to be part of that.  These weeks have been full of many things, but underneath it all has been a ceaseless flow of thankfulness to the Lord.  Here are a few things that have made me pause to ponder and to give thanks.

790. Technology gone awry in Bob's class but we soldiered on anyway.
791. Terry O'Casey and a challenge he couldn't refuse.
2 steps before he fell off :)
792. Thai food with Terry and students interested in missions. 
793. Spending time with the Seidels - Fun!

794. A walk to the store.
795. Bob's shoes fixed with bungie cords - still Bob!

796. Sad goodbyes
797. Safe travels to airport and home.
798. No problems with car rental - first car rental ever!
799. Blue moon!

800. A great meal with fun people.
801. A deer in the yard and I got a picture!

802. A colorful shirt - fun to see.
803. Worship with family and friends.
804. Driving and seeing birds on fence posts.  A marvel.
805. Great Platte River Road Archway - a museum over the road - a sight to behold!

806. Seeing the Mordens in U.S. at the same time as me - an odd occurrence.
807. Abe playing and enjoying football.
808. A lovely place to stay after a long 3 days of driving.
809. Found - a place to rent in TN!
810. Turkana team meeting in Indianapolis - all in the States right now.
811. Catching up with teammates here.
812. Pastoral care visitation with a friend to a friend.  :)
813. Another generation catches the Bible Bowl bug.
814. Riding around with the lid off.
815. Getting some paperwork done.
816. Time with Mark and Indy.
817. My how they've grown! - Friends' boys.
818. Fun times with the Benedicts.
819. Looking for Mums with Kelly.
820. Zaharakos - Columbus, IN

821. Soda fountain drinks.

822. A great visit at FRCC.
823. Food and Fellowship.
824. Broncos win! Watching REAL football.  :)
825. Lunch with Monica.
826. Dinner with friends who are family.
827. Bargains.

So there is my list of gifts from the past weeks of travel.  What have been your joys in the past weeks?  I'd love to hear from you.

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