Monday, September 30, 2013

Fun With Reading!

The kids had a short mid-term break in July.  I wanted to catch up a little with them and to make sure they got an opportunity to do some reading on their break.  So, I had them come over one day and opened my kids' bookshelf to them.  It was fun seeing them pick out books and then actually go and read them!

I let them do some reading on their own for a time.  Then I got a couple of books with nice pictures and read to them.  Some of the kids are pretty young, so I try to read to them a little and make sure they understand the story.  The big kids love it too, so I couldn't leave them out of the fun.  After I read several books to them, they did some more reading on their own.

Kelvin reading

Even the older kids tend to pick easier books to read.  I think when I have them over during the month of December, I will have to find a thicker book to read to the older kids just to see if I can get them reading more.  At any rate, it was a fun day and I enjoyed seeing them reading.  Since then, when they come for lunch on Saturdays, I often see a couple of them coming in the house to find a book to read.  School is only half a day on Saturdays for the kids in class 1-6.  So, I give them all a little lunch before sending them home since they get out right at lunch time.  They are still choosing easy books, but at least they are interested in reading.  I'll start with that and see if I can make it a bit better!  There are some girls reading too, I just didn't get any good pictures of them.  I'll try to do better next time :).

the bigger boys reading

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