Monday, September 30, 2013


I get asked how I celebrate holidays here since I am not in my home country.  The answer is pretty simple.  We celebrate them any way we can.  I have tried over the years to collect a few things for each holiday that is important to me.  I put those things around the house during the month of that holiday if I can.

This year, I celebrated the fourth of July with some fellow Americans here in town.  Of course, to Kenyans, the fourth is just another day of work.  I did do some work, but I also did some cooking and preparing for the celebration.  I have the very nice flag table cloth you see in the picture, in my cupboard, so I brought it to our friends' house so we could use it for our celebration.  They also had a beach towel with a flag on it, so that was proudly hung in the window.

I didn't get pictures, but we even had fire works of a kind.  Taylor (the man at the end of the table) took some rubbing alcohol outside, made some shapes and lit the liquid.  It was fun until the alcohol ran out. We had dinner at the Kilpatrick's house.  They work with Share International.  They have a nice pool that was put in by the previous missionaries who lived in the house they live in now.  So, we got to swim and then barbecued some tandori chicken for the main meal.  There was lots of good food and fellowship!

The Kilpatrick girls and their Turkana friend made decorations too!  You can see them behind their heads in the picture above.  All in all it was a very fun evening!

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