Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Of course homecomings are not near as much fun if you are returning to an empty home.  I didn't return to an empty home.  I flew up to Lodwar and arrived at my home around 4:45 pm.  Some of my friends were here to greet me.  Big smiles of welcome and exclamations over how long I was gone gave me to know that they were happy to see me.  Some of "My Kids" were also there and gave me huge hugs.  They knew I was coming that day and had stayed longer than normal to make sure that they saw me.  The visits continued for the next few days.  People just came to say welcome back.  It was very encouraging!

Samson, John Rich (my Dad's namesake), Lester and Joy Khisa came on Saturday to welcome me
My animals were also happy to greet me.  My dogs are very unruly.  I am not much of a dog person, but have two dogs as 'guard' dogs.  Even though they don't get a lot of attention from me, they still consider me their person.  They haven't been trained very well.  Its my fault, I know.  But, as I said I'm not much of a dog person so they didn't get that training.  Anyway, they were jumping all over me with excitement.  It was annoying, but also kind of fun.  :)

an old picture.  Robin is jumping and Batman is thinking about it

My kitty was hoarse from meowing for someone to pay attention to him while I was gone.  He can normally be heard outside in the yard yowling for attention.  When I got back, he just had a quiet yowl. It took a week or so for him to get into full voice again.  I was very happy to see him and I think he was pretty happy to see me.  He followed me around for a couple of weeks.  Shh...don't tell him, but he was acting a bit like a d-o-g.  He is back to his normal loving, kitty self now, so we won't tell him.

Chewy watching me type this post
I brought a new tower for chewy to play on.  He really likes the top sleeping place.
It was a very nice homecoming!  I'll leave you with a few shots of the kids as they are cute and I want you to love them as much as I do.  :)  This is not all of "my" kids that are in primary school, but some of them are in boarding school and couldn't be there when I first got home.

Emmanuel Ebei Ejore.  He must have been playing sock on a stick before I got there.

Edie (Idi) Ekidor - my Mom's namesake

Ichwa Ekidor - Idi's brother
Akiru is 5.  She needs a sponsor for school next year- want to help?  Contact me
Jennifer Adonga (Dance) Lobwel

Samson Lopeto Lobwel
Monday Lobwel being shy
Kelvin Losuru

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