Monday, August 31, 2009

Cholera & water concerns

      Please pray for the people of Turkana.  Right now, there are two areas that have cholera.  One is a place connected to lake Turkana.  Because of the drought, this area of water is no longer connected to the lake because the water has receded.  It is called Ferguson's Gulf.  There is about a meter and a half of water in this area and it is believed that there is cholera in this water.  The people are catching fish and eating them and then getting sick.  The other area is similar.  On Friday, there were about 50 people in the government hospital in Lodwar.  5 people had died.  The hospital is running out of IV fluids and I am told that there is no money for more.  They will probably figure out a way to get some here or an aid organization will help get them here before they run out. 
      One of the big problems is the fact that there has really been no response from the capitol except to send a research team to make a report.  No aid is being sent to try to figure out what to do about the contaminated water sources.  So, please pray for wisdom here in Turkana and in the capitol so that this does not become a full fledged crisis.  So far there have been no cases from here in Lodwar, but the people here do buy fish that is caught in Lake Turkana.  So, it is possible for the contaminated fish to make its way here.  So, pray that a solution is found quickly. 
      Another area of concern is water.  The drought is pretty bad here.  Water holes and hand dug wells even in river beds are drying up.  People are walking for several hours to find water holes that have not dried up.  Some of the water holes that they find are 6 or 7 people deep.  They are hand dug so they can collapse fairly easily if they are not shored up well.  People are desperate for water for themselves and their animals.  So, pray that rain will come soon!
      All is not doom and gloom here, but these are serious needs and I wanted to get folks praying.  Thanks for reading this and please share this prayer concern with others!

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