Sunday, August 9, 2009


      I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful day of praising the Lord!  I have just returned to Turkana and was glad to be able to worship in my local church this morning.  I only understand about 1/2 to 3/4 of what is said during a service, but I know I am joined together with people who love and worship the Lord.  It is good to be able to say amen with brothers and sisters even when I don't understand all that is said.
       This morning there was a young boy - about 12 years old - that we prayed for at the end of the service.  I would like to invite my readers to also pray for him and for his family.  His name is Mzee (old man).  His father brought him to my teammates.  He has an open sore that looks like a spider web.  It starts on his back and comes around his left side to his chest and nipple.  Our nurse thinks it is cancer.  He and his father are traveling tonight on the night bus to Eldoret.  We are sending him to a doctor there who will evaluate him and send him on for a biopsy if he thinks that is what it is.  So, please pray for this young man.  Pray for healing and for our wisdom as we try to help him and his family.  
      We prayed for him this morning at the end of the church service.  There were two prayers in Turkana.  They were very traditional.  They called on the great physician to cast out all evil and any bad health from the boy.  They cast out sickness and invited the spirit to work in his body.  Then we ended with a prayer from a very devout Turkana woman.  She is one of the ladies displaced during the violence of last year's elections.  She prayed in Swahili.  I don't understand any of that language, but I know she was also praying for wisdom, healing and peace for the boy.
       Thanks for reading my ramblings!  Please lift up Mzee today and tomorrow to the throne of grace!  Give thanks that we are all part of the body of Christ and one day will worship together in many different languages.  We may not understand the words, but we will understand the heart and soul!

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