Tuesday, February 1, 2011


My 2 tanks

Today I am thankful for teammates!  You see, I live in a desert.  There isn't always water coming through the pipes because the town pump is down or they are low on water and rationing.  So, I have a small tank up in the air and a bigger one on the ground.  These store my water for those times when there is no water from town.

Last evening, I turned on the faucet (or tap for some of you) and no water came out.  So, I went outside and pumped water from my big tank to my upper tank so that gravity could bring the water into the house.  All was well.  I fixed my dinner, washed off the table and then went to my teammates' house for a time of Bible study and prayer.  When I returned I was looking forward to a shower because it had been pretty hot that day.  When I turned on the faucet no water came out again!  That upper tank can usually get me through 3-4 days if I don't do any laundry.  So, it should not have been empty after only a few hours and very little water consumption.

So, my teammate, Gene Morden, came over today and spent most of the morning working on my pipes. One of my backflow valves was messed up.  Probably a small rock or other object had gotten into it and broken the valve.  So, it had to be replaced.  He replaced it for me and we tested the tank system.  There is still a small leak of water where there shouldn't be, but for now, the water is staying in the upper tank where it belongs.  The other problem will have to be tackled some other day.  It is a faucet that isn't closing all the way - again there is probably some small hard object keeping it from closing.
backflow valve & faucet that may still need to be fixed

While Gene was fixing the pipes and I was watching and bringing out the tools that he needed, his wife, Melba Morden was fixing our lunch.  Yum!  A great meal and I didn't have to fix it!  So, today I am thankful for teammates.  :)

This month I am trying to have an attitude of gratitude.  How about you?  What are you thankful for today?

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