Monday, January 30, 2012

His gifts

I am continuing the counting of gifts for the year.  My ESL class went well this past week and I'll blog about it when I get a bit more time.  For now, here are the gifts by the numbers for this past week.

75. My blue room - soothing, comforting, home.

76. Clear blue sky today with no desert dust haze!
77. Out of the blue - an e-mail from a loved one who rarely writes. :)
78. borrowed - a truck to get to class while mine was at the mechanics' garage.
79. found - patience when my students were not getting "articles."
80. inherited - freckles from my grandma - I love her and them!
my freckles - so many more in this desert than ever before!

81. before 9 am - overslept but still made it on time to teach!
82. before noon - ESL students playing a sentence game and getting it!

83. before 7 pm - walking with "my" kids part way home.  Their bright smiles at something new.
 3 gifts that might not have been
84. "My" Turkana kids of the heart.
a few of "my" kids of the heart
85. My English students praying together for my family.
86. Serving here in Turkana land - God's pure and precious grace to me!
3 graces found in friends
87. a walk with friends just to catch up on the week and get exercise.
88. Visiting with my teammates next door - sweet grace!
89. A friend who listens from afar and loves deep!
90. a song heard - Ngakot a Yesu - The blood of Jesus has power - it washes all our sins away!
91. lively praise in church.
92. sharing baked goods with friends.
93. A noisy but fixed air conditioner - I hope!
94. New ways to think on discipleship.
95. "Trumpet of Jesus" song - a happy blast from the past.

So there is my list from this week.  God is so good to me all the time and these are just a few of the gifts he has given to me.  Even so, it is good to think of His gifts each day in order to help me be more grateful.  I pray you are all having a great week!


  1. What a lovely list. I'm counting the gifts to and trying to "live fully where I am!"

    1. Thanks for stopping by Olive! It is wonderful to know others are on the same journey with us! Living fully right where we are can be a challenge and this counting has been very helpful to me so I see the good things around me each day!

  2. My husband has freckles too... they are adorable! :) Love the photos! Such special kids you have! Kids of the heart. That is awesome!

    1. I really do like my freckles. Thanks for stopping by and commenting! My kids of the heart are pretty special people :)

  3. Oh, I love your list and your passion for adult literacy. What a gift to give someone--the ability to read!

    1. Thanks Arden! Reading is something that we often take for granted. When I see the light come to someone's face when they finally get how these syllables work together to make words, it makes me appreciate that ability anew.