Monday, January 16, 2012

Naming the blessings one by one


It is Monday, so it is time to count my blessings.  The first one is that I figured out how to get the button on my post - as you see above :).  That isn't included in these numbered blessings, but I was very happy when I figured it out today!

28. a sour gift is planning a meeting - sour 'cause I don't like it, but still a gift because I work with great people.
29. Akiru's smile today was sweet because she rarely smiles
Akiru with almost a smile - I didn't get the actual smile on my camera.
30. Sweettarts - just right between sweet and sour!
31. Trusting shop owner letting me take merchandise w/o paying knowing I'd return it.
32. a good chat with a friend who said hard but helpful things.
33. a good quote I need to work on from H. Nouwen
34. yellow haired neighbor's squeals and giggles of delight at all the attention.
35. A sunny afternoon walk with a friend.
36. My yellow kitty whose love refreshes me every day!
Chewy or Chushanrishathaim when he is in trouble.
37. a good meeting done.
38. The many stars in the night sky declaring God's majesty.
39. a clean floor after the dust storm yesterday.
40. Turkana kids greeting and walking with me - practicing their english saying, "how are you? Fine, Thank you!" all in one breath.

41. Frogs singing in the night outside my window.
42. night birds chirpping.
43. White noise air conditioning to help me sleep and stay cool.
44. Matching pink clothes with a delighted Hannah.
45. A glorious red-orange sunset out my back porch.

46. People greeting me on my walk.
47. Grace given when I forgot twice that today was payday.  I was asked for it and went to get it, but got busy doing something else and forgot for over 45 minutes before I was reminded again!
48. Tiny children and happy adults dancing in praise at church.
an example as I didn't have my camera with me in church :)
49. Praise & prayers lifted up as one body.
50. The hard gift of an epileptic seizure for a girl in church during the part of the sermon talking of Paul and Silas casting a demon out of a woman in Philipi.  Continuing to praise in the midst of hardship and praying for the Lord's healing for this girl!
51. Two children's smiles because they got to go to town with their mom.
52. My workers' happiness at getting "absorbers" with their tea - little cakes.
53. A friend's happiness at seeing me come to visit them.  Their whole face lit up.

How about you?  What were your blessings this week?  I'd love to hear from you!

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