Monday, January 23, 2012

Naming to Become


I am daily naming the blessings of God in my life.  This is an effort to become more thankful and to live more in the present rather than for the future or the past.  My goal for each day is to name at least three blessings or gifts from the great giver of all things.  At the end of the year, I hope to have named at least 1000 of those gifts.  To help with this goal, I have committed to chronicling these gifts each Monday and to link my post with others like it on Ann Voskamp's website called A Holy Experience.  So, that is what you see below.

54. Nancy's shy smile when I came to her school to check on her after she had malaria.
55. a small world when I can pray for friends over fb even though I am across the world from them.
56. a good new recipe - it didn't smell so great, but it tasted wonderful.
57. Ps. 73:1-2, 23,28

58. Hab. 3:17 & 18 -(my paraphrase - though all goes wrong, I will still praise the Lord!)
59. Isaiah 51:12 & 61:3 for my family this sad week.
60. Paulina my helper and friend in my kitchen

61. An overcast day so the sun not so hot!
62. A chance to have met and held and wondered at the miracle of Jayden - Joyful little one - when I unexpectedly came to the States for Christmas in 2010.  Now I will have to wait 'till heaven to do so again.
63. Toothbrushing lesson with Turkana kids.
candy and toothbrushes - a good combo!
64. a smelly, but pretty flower in my drought stricken yard.
65. God's comfort washing over me from His Word & time with Him.
66. Clouds in the desert sky!
67. Christmas 2010 holding the newest family member.
68. Ugly-beautiful gift - that baby going to be with Jesus at only 13 months old.

69. My friend's face with laugh wrinkles.
70. Soul soothed and smoothed by the washing and hearing of the Word.
71. Praying for my family today - a grace unfolded.
72. 3 gifts found in him - A great team of friends to serve with.
73. Wisdom only explained by his presence.
74.The faith to keep walking with him - only from him!

So there is my list for this week.  Some of these namings were really hard as this week was hard.  Even so, the Lord is always with us and He has helped me become thankful even in the grief.  How about you my friends?  How is the Lord blessing your life?  Want to join the joy dare for 2012?  I'd love to help you get started.


  1. beautiful Lynn, I popped over from Ann's site and am intrigued by your work. Lots of strength and grace to you for the week ahead, Wendy

  2. Thanks Wendy! It is so nice to have folks stop by and leave comments. Thanks for taking the time! Blessings on your week as well.