Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Numbered Gifts

Hello!  Another week has come and I need to get my gifts listed out here as I am a little behind.  I hope this is encouraging to those reading my lists each week.  Maybe it will help you to find the ways God is blessing you.  So, without further delays, here are a few of the gifts of God to me this past week.

Gifts from the past that help me trust the future
186. Times when God has spoken to me through his Word and dreams when I was troubled or had a decision to make - they help me know he will also be there in the future.
187. Knowing he has a plan for my future and to give me hope! Jer 29:11
188. Knowing my help comes from the Lord - the almighty one!  Ps. 121
189. The words of old hymns of the faith - they strengthen and sustain me as I sing and think of them!
gifts dull, shimmering & clean
190. Working through some notes for a class - dull but helpful.
191. The shimmering sun -no dust haze today!
192. Clean floors - walking on the dust in the house no longer - at least for today.
193. Hearing the giggles of children outside my window - always makes me smile!

194. A fun, fast walk with a friend.
195. Finished a project that needed to be done.
Green gifts
196. Little Hannah in her green skirt.
197. My snake plant still doing well and a new green thing coming up.
My snake plant - or mother-in-law tongue  :)

new green things in the desert should always be celebrated!
I don't know what it is, but happy to see it.
198. 321 kids registered for a Hope Partnership school in Turkana!  Now to find sponsors and get the building built so classes can start in September. YIPEE!
199. A successful "Lynn's Concoction" served for dinner to guests.  :)
upside down tamale pie is what I call this Lynn Concoction.
200. A nice visit with folks from Missouri.
201. Hearing voices from home- a good chat with family by phone.
202. A hard thanks - the loud, all night, week-long music of neighbors mourning a death in the family.
203. Elias' enjoyment of some books I have - he wants the next one before his dad finishes reading him the first one.  :)
204. Help from Kara with meal preparation for tomorrow's meeting.
205. A good meeting and it is finished!
206. God provides blessing even in sadness.  Praying for Gene's Mom.
207. A wonderful lunch of Pad Thai with friends and teammates after the meeting!

That is my list for last week.  I hope you have been blessed as well.  


  1. I am always humbled when I read of a missionary, yours no exception. I went to Haiti in Nov. and it was more than I imagined. I still havent' been able to really write about it.
    May God richly bless you as you serve Jesus.
    The smiles of children with dark skin are always bigger and more beautiful!
    Thanks for your post.