Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patrick's day fun!

First on the serious side take a look at this prayer.  It is attributed to St. Patrick and is called his breastplate.  I really like this prayer.  It is said that Patrick prayed it every day when he woke up.  So, there is the serious side of this holiday.

When Patrick got to Ireland as a slave the island was non-christian.  During his years as a slave he drew closer to God and the Faith of his childhood.  After he escaped he went back to Ireland and preached the Good News of the Gospel.  At his death, most of the Irish people had converted to Christianity.  Lord, help me to be a missionary like Patrick!

Okay, so I had a little fun today.  I wanted to make green pancakes this morning, but I couldn't find my green food coloring.  After a breakfast of very sad regular looking pancakes, I went to town hunting for some.  I found it and spruced up the lunch we were fixing for my workers and some kids.  This is the result.
green Ugali
a fun lunch
We made ugali and cabbage stew for lunch.  Ugali is white corn meal that is cooked in water until it gets stiff - like mush for those who know what that is :).  When we took it out and Idi saw it, he made quite a face.  I had to show him it was the same stuff he normally eats before he would try it.  His little brother, Ichwa didn't have any problem eating green ugali
Idi & the green food
Ichwa says "YUM!"
We didn't make enough stew for me to eat too, so I made a St. Patrick's day meal for myself.  I can't get corned beef here that I know of except in a can.  I cranked open a can and added that to some chopped up cabbage and onions and fried it all up together.  I also made some green mashed potatoes.  I had some guacamole that I made a few days ago and added that just because it was green.  It didn't really go very well with the rest of my meal.  I decided to try making a green drink as well.  I had some ginger ale so I added some powder to that and it came out very green.  

I hope you have enjoyed the fun I had today.  I had a great time working on this and taking the pictures.  I hope you enjoy both the serious part of this post and the fun part and maybe they both will take on the flavor of the other for you as they did for me.  Have a great weekend!

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