Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A week of presents & presence

This past week was full of the presence of the Lord and his presents to me when I opened my eyes to see. I am continuing to count the blessings that the Father gives to me each day.

3 gifts round
230. Kids with an old tire for a toy.
231. The wheels on my truck go round and round as they take me to town! :}
232. My fan's mechanical breeze in this desert heat.
3 gifts in silence
233. Some computer work finished.
234. Cooking eggplant and thinking of his blessings.
235. Chewy sleeping so peacefully.
Chushanrishathaim - chewy for short :)

2 gifts given away
236. Speaking English with some high school boys while out walking.237. Greetings given in Turkana, English, Swahili and Arabic.238. Strawberry, orange & ice cream smoothie.  Yum!

3 hard thanks
239. An emptiness inside that makes me know I need more of you.
240. Many broken down road machines that can't do their work without tires and wheels!
I counted at least 8 (maybe more) vehicles without wheels or tires.
241. Breaking machines - A/C, Printer and now my washing machine - they make me thankful for them when they are working and remind me to not take them for granted!
242. A lady on a stool working on her friends hair outside her mud house.  Getting a new "do" and lounging on an outside lounge chair too!
A gift folded, turned and hung
243. My spring tablecloth folded so I could put on my St. Patrick's day tablecloth.

244. Turning the pages of a good book on prayer and then turning to prayer.
245. My laundry hung on the line.

246. Fun with green food and drinks today in honor of St. Patrick's day.
247. Kids playing with old rackets and two milk boxes as a ball/birdie
The "ball" is in the air at the top middle of the picture it is white and blue
3 gifts red
248. A desert rose in bloom.

249. Letters in Red to learn and love.
250. Red beads and kanga's on ladies in traditional Turkana dress
the lady on the left has traditional "mohawk" type braided hair too!
3 gifts eaten
251. Corned beef hash and scrambled eggs.  Yum!
252. Chewed on the sweet fellowship of fellow believers as we studied the Word and prayed.
253. Lemon bars after the time of fellowship.

That is my list for this week.  St. Patrick's day was great fun.  I posted about it on Saturday with pictures of the green food and drink.  Counting the gifts that God gives us each day helps us realize his presence among us.  These real gifts keep me seeing God in my daily activities.  I hope you are encouraged to count too!  If you want to join a group of people counting just follow the button below and it will lead you to the group.  Have a great week!


  1. Love this! Especially the first three pictures -- kids, a fan, and a happy cat. That about sums it up, doesn't it?! We really do have "enough" (http://wp.me/p1Ut5W-bf), don't we!! Amy

    1. Yes, it is easy to fall into the trap of thinking "I need more," But God is enough. What we have is enough. Kids, fans and happy cats are enough when we let God be our completer. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Such a beautiful list. I love the traditional dress!! Thank you so much for sharing. Prayers from New Orleans

    1. Thanks Amy! It has been fun and helpful to be counting these amazing gifts from God. I also really love seeing the ladies dressed traditionally - so many are wearing western clothes these days. So it is nice to see some just allowing themselves to be their own Turkana selves :). Thanks for coming by and commenting!

  3. Hi, Lynn, thanks for stopping by my blog today. Your ministry is WONDERFUL. As you know, Africa and Kenya are dear to my heart. Bless you for being there and doing your many very important jobs. God is surely smiling.

    I LOVE your green ugali post on St. Patrick's Day!

    Linda Thomas

    1. Thanks Linda! The ugali was lots of fun and seeing the boys' faces when they saw it was even better. I wish I could have caught it on camera :).