Monday, February 6, 2012

Bountiful Bonanza of Blessings

It's counting time again.  I had fun this week looking for and recording God's blessings.  Have you been counting too?  I'd love to read a little of the ways God has blessed you thus far this year!  Share the Joy and keep counting.

Gifts found on paper, in a person & in a picture
96. The joy of reading words on a page!  Such a blessing.
giving a test to a new reader
97. lunch with Turkana friends at a "hoteli" in town :)
98. A picture of helpfulness in words - a big brother helping his little brother with homework under my carport.
99. 11:30 gift found in Nehemiah's leadership Bible study
Turkana Nehemiah
100. 2:30 - a helpful ticket agent for a flight I'm taking next week.
101. 6:30 - Nachos for dinner - Yum!
Gifts over heard today
102. "This shortcut is Stinky!" said by laughing children as we walked a narrow path sometimes used as an outhouse at night.  I know - kinda gross, huh?

103. 4 year old Akiru singing church songs with her Mom in my kitchen.
104. About 30 kids surrounding me on my walk and asking over and over "how are you?"
Gifts found in writing
105. An old letter from my beloved but deceased Grandma found today.
106. Connecting online through comments and posts!
107. Writing His Word to hide it in my heart.

108. Skype made distance between oceans fade for a short time - Yay technology!
Gifts seen when bent down
109. My small cactus has grown arms.
This appeared in Sept. after some rain.  It has been watered and now has arms.
110. My guard dogs who wag tails and implore with eyes for attention.  I'm not much of a dog person.  :( Sad for them.

Batman (black) & Robin (brown)
A gift stitched, hammered & woven
111. Grandma's hand stitched pictures to remind me of home.
I love winter!
112. My messy bookshelf hammered together by my carpenter friend, Lazarus.
113. Church prayers from hearts woven together through Christ's grace for this hard Turkana place and for "sisters in Christ" suffering in parts of the world never seen by them.  The sisters are loved because they helped to bring the Good News to this hard place.  They are prayed for because they are very ill and God has woven their hearts to ours here in this place!
Gifts found outside
114. Monkey with a baby seen on my walk by the river.
Do you see the baby in mom's arms?  She didn't want me taking the picture!
you put the maize in here
115. A posho mill - it grinds maize into coarse "posho" or cornmeal.
the posho comes out here.
116. Termite mounds - a beauty and yuckiness all their own :).

117. decent internet tonight - it only took a little over an hour to upload these 11 pictures!

I hope your week has been grand!  I love comments so feel free to leave one here :).  Thanks for reading through my list and giving thanks with me for the ways God has blessed me this past week!

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