Monday, February 20, 2012

Giving Thanks - Eucharisteo!

Eucharisteo is the greek word that is used in Scripture and is translated to mean "give thanks."  That is really what I am doing when I count the gifts that God has given each week.  It isn't an exhaustive list.  Who could really do that.  God gives so many.  It is just a small list of the ones I have taken note of each day.  

I was again in Nairobi part of this week.  Enjoy my list.

140. Another good working meeting with people I love and respect.
141. Zech. 3:17 - God delights in me, dances a jig, and sings over me!  His love is amazing and I celebrate it on this day set aside as the day of love.
142. Seeing happy, small kids giggling and playing well together.
143. A fun dinner out with Cara while her parents were out for the evening.
144. I found a window A/C!  There was only 1 choice and it is big, so I hope it fits in my window.
145. Watching a high school soccer (football) game.  I don't understand it all, but it is fun to cheer Cara on!
146. Fresh fruit and veggies to take home to the desert.
147. Planes that fly over in 2 hours what would take me 2 days to drive!

148. People glad to see I have returned.
149. Having frozen, precooked food I can thaw and not have to cook the first day home.
150. Smiling face of Abu and Harold at the duka (shop) where I buy vegetables.
Picture of Harold taken in Nov.

151. An idea for my English class next week - straight from God.
152. A day of mostly rest before jumping back into lesson planning for next week.
153. Ichwa's giggle and him sitting in my lap.  I really love this boy!
Also taken in Nov. '12
154. Akiru saying the ABC's with me as prompter.
155. Ichwa(6) and Akiru (4) chanting "Who let the Dogs Out?  Who? Who? Who, who, who?" Where do they hear these things?  So random and yet pretty funny.
156. Sermons over the internet - a real blessing of voices from home with good messages.
157. A free cookbook still blessing even when it is falling apart from use!
158. Sir Gibbie a book by G. MacDonald - on obedience to whatever we see God asking us to do.  A really good novel from the late 1800's.
159. A new family come to serve in Turkana with Share intn'l.  Yay God!
160. A walk with "my" Turkana kids and their smiling faces.
161. My new A/C partly in place and working.  I get to sleep in my own bed for the first time in weeks!
note the board holding it - it is too heavy for the chains alone.
162. Sikuma for lunch.  My favorite :).

I hope you have enjoyed my list this week.  Are you keeping a list?  I'd love to hear from you.  Have a great week.


  1. sweet list...155..funny the end of a time of prayer and fellowship...some one asked who has a song on their 5 year old at the time say...who let the dogs out....laughter erupted...she was so confused...but these dear people sang it...she was thrilled.
    blessings to all you do and those you are called to love....

  2. Thanks for sharing that story⁄! That is pretty funny and just about as odd as my Turkana kids singing it :).