Monday, February 27, 2012

Marked By Thanksgiving

This past week was the beginning of Lent.  I attended an Ash Wednesday service with my English students and was marked by the Cross.  This marking reminded me how much I need the cross and resurrection of Jesus because of my sin.  This marking also made me immensely thankful for what Jesus did and marked me with Thanksgiving for the day.  Continuing to name the daily gifts of God that I see also helps to daily mark me with Thanksgiving to God.

3 gifts white
163. A gray and white go away bird making his distinctive call.
In the center of the picture.

164. A white breasted chicken seen wandering around free.
165. I missed the thorns - didn't step on them on my walk.

166. My students read their storybooks well in front of the class.
167. Ash Wednesday service with my students.
168. A prayer in English by one of my students that just rolled off his tongue without him having to stop and think of the correct English words.  YAY!
169. A good class discussion about the cross and resurrection in relation to the Ash Wednesday service we participated in the day before.
Gift of tin, glass and wood
170. The tin (?) chimes that sway with sweet melodies outside my window in the wind.
171. Ice cold glass of tea after a hot walk outside.
172. A wood dinning table that serves as a desk, a creativity centre, mess holder :), a cooks table and of course to hold food or friends and me.
173. A good end to my class for the week.
174. Money found that I thought was stolen - just misplaced by me :(  :}
175. Woodpeckers seen on the termite mound around the corner from my house.

176. Found the butchery in town that I didn't know had moved.
177. The internet was down all day, so I got some chores done that I had been putting off.
178. Watched an old VHS movie - the player still works!
179. Chewy kisses and chocolate chip cookies made today.
180. Christ's joy reflected in people's faces this morning as we praised the Lord.
181. Seeing kids play in the sun with great abandonment to the fun of the moment.
182. Enjoying a day of quiet rest and worship.
3 Ugly - Beautiful gifts
183. Hazy dusty day all day - ugly, but beautiful because it is another day to serve and count his blessings.
a normal day
today - same view - no mountain can be seen but it is there!
184. Messy table - beautiful when cleaned off as it joins friends hearts together over food.
same table as #172
185. Road works sign - ugly because spelled wrong, but beautiful because it means they will work on the road. 
Gravellin  :)

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